Prescription for Long Life: Essential Remedies for Longevity.


by Dr. Morton Walker and Dr. Mitchell Kurk (207 pages, 1997)

This is a complete program for reversing the aging process & revitalizing your life.

It contains a fountain of information on vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, nutrition, exercise, stress management and more specialised subjects as chelation therapy. Includes reference for healthy living, natural therapies and lifestyle modification.

This is a used book in great condition that is highly recommended.

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  • I read this book for a PhD aging class. The advice is well thought out and follow. It contains many great suggestions on how to slow aging and improve middle and old age. It is not a difficult read and this doctor is brilliant.He is a classic alternative medicine or natural medicine doctor that has contributed to the field of medicine for many years!
  • I love Dr. Kurk. He is a wonderful naturapath and diagnostician. Too bad not all American doctors are as open to and informed about natural remedies. He is a breath of fresh air!!!!!
  • Best Book on Health I have ever read.