Orbea Dummeri, Stapelia Dummeri Starfish Plant


Other names: Stapelia Dummeri, Pachycymbium Dummeri, Caralluma Dummeri and Angolluma Dummeri.

I just LOVE these plants, they’re fantastic for the home or office and leave plenty of room for other plants as they only grow to about 4in tall.

Whenever I’ve seen them in a landscape setting they look astonishing but they also look great as a container plant.

They’re an incredibly easy plant to grow and their flowers are often called the orchids of the succulent world.

The best place for them is in part shade outdoors, as filtered light will encourage flowering. When grown indoors though, give them as much light as possible.

You can admire their amazing flowers during summer and autumn. Their flowers are very particular, resembling a star (hence the name starfish plant) and their bright color (which varies from yellow to lime green), makes them unique. Their petals are covered with a long, soft white down.

Given the ease of care, rapid growth rate, interesting qualities, and smaller stature, this plant is a must-have for any garden or windowsill.

Sold in lots of 1 plant.

Postage is $9.15 via Aus Post parcel with tracking, shipped barerooted with care.

Plants will vary in shape, size and colour variation, but each plant is roughly at the same stage of growth as the one in the pics.

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Caring for your Orbeas:

Pot: Orbeas are best grown in containers or out in the rock-garden.
Soil: The plants prefer a well drained sandy soil.
Light: The brighter the light the more colourful your plant will be. The plants do prefer lightly shaded positions but the brighter light will bring out the stem colourations.
Water: The plants are drought hardy, but prefer weekly watering or every second week. Reduce watering to once a month in the colder winter months.

As soon as they flower be sure to take extra precautions to keep them dry, because damp cool conditions when the plants are resting it is an invitation to fungal infections.

Since roots are quite shallow, use a cactus mix or add extra perlite or pumice to regular potting soil. A gritty, very free-draining compost is suitable, and clay pots help the plants to dry out between watering.

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