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Sansevieria ‘Hahnii’ Dwarf Snake Plant, great for Kokodama


Sansevieria ‘Hahnii’, also called Dwarf Snake Plant, Birds Nest or Mother in Law Tongue. It’s a perfect Kokodama Plant.

Did you know that Snake plants are one of NASA’s top plants for cleaning air inside living spaces? 

Each leaf of Sansevieria contains Pregnane Glycoside that is able to decompose toxic compounds into organic ones.

There are around 107 pollutants that can be absorbed, including cigarette smoke. The absorbed pollutants will be converted into oxygen by the plants.

Snake Plants actively absorb EMF radiations that are caused by electronic devices. It is suggested to put the plants in the living room or in areas which has television or a wi-fi router.

Sansevieria produce more oxygen than most other plants. They are packed with an unusual concentration of chlorophyll, making them a photosynthesis powerhouse.

They also have an unique scent. In some countries like China and France, the plants is used as fragrance. Their pleasant aroma and antisceptic properties makes them suitable to get rid of unpleasant smell in the bathroom or the kitchen.

Snake Plants will absorb substances and pollutants like carbon dioxide, cigarette smoke or the effect of air conditioning overuse. It’s the perfect plant to deal with Sick Building Syndrome, caused by poor airflow.

Postage is $9 for up to 2 plants and $12 for 3 to 4 plants via Aus Post parcel with tracking.

Shipped barerooted with care.

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These little beauties are SO VERSATILE! 
Their lovely shape, low growth habit, and hardiness for low light and water make them a PERFECT plant for doing Kokodamas. Grown them in the bathroom, the bedroom, or just about anywhere.

You can have them indoors or outdoors as a feature plant in a pot. Or in a mixed succulent planter. 

Or clumping in a rockery, a succulent garden, or the border edge of a mixed garden bed. 
They’ll tolerate low light, direct sun. They’ll survive with neglect, but really thrive with a regular small drink. 
Plants will vary in shape and size, and colour variation, but each plant is similar in size to the potted one in the pic.
She may have minor imperfections in a leaf or two. Grown in a beautiful garden in Central Queensland, sold as is. 
Shipped barerooted. 
Sorry, cannot post to quarantine states (NT, WA or Tas)
I want you to get it now because I have limited amount and it is going fast.
If you love easy low maintenance plants you’ll love Hahnii. And if you love succulents, Desert Roses, Monsteras, Spider plants, Cacti, Aroids, Caladiums, Ferns, Bonsai, Bromeliads and such, they’ll fit right in!
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