Ceropegia “Red Dragon Flower” seedling 3 pack


Also known as Ceropegia, Huernia Schneideriana or Stapelia of the “Red Dragon Flower” variety.

With its beautiful red dragon flowers and distinctive cactus stem, this Stapelia is BY FAR one of the favorite plants that I have.

Growing up to 45cm tall with 2cm flowers and clumping readily, this Stapelia (now classified as a Ceropegia) is the perfect plant to add to your outdoor or bright indoor garden (or maybe even both!).

Funnily enough, the sharp looking ‘thorns’ are all show because they are soft and can’t harm your skin.

In South Africa it was considered a famine food, eaten after being boiled like a vegetable.

This 3 pack is shipped bare-rooted (those that have roots) with care and to anywhere in Australia (except for NT, WA or Tas.)

Postage is $9.15 via Australia Post Parcel with Tracking.

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For Huernia plants it’s important to use a well-draining soil mix. Something like 50% pumice/perlite, 25% peat/organic mulch and 25% sand mix. A cacti-succulent mix would suit. This helps to prevent over-watering and root rot.

Make sure that in winter and fall they’re not exposed to anything colder than about 5C and that they’re kept very dry, as they will go dormant and their roots will die back.

As in nature they normally grow underneath other plants or shrubs, Huernias grow well in partial sun or bright shade. They will take full sun as well though they may burn in extreme temperatures.

They can be amazing when planted in a hanging pot and if left to run and well cared for, they can grow to almost 120cm long. That’s almost 4 feet!