I'm Renae.

“Why do you garden?” they ask.

Since our world is inundated by noise and business, gardening is for me a rare and powerful escape.

It’s a potent form of mindfulness. It works especially well for those who have trouble meditating because the mind has to be in the moment.

There’s no way to garden and text at the same time; you must be present and connected to the earth.

Gardening also trains you to see the world differently, to notice the veins on leaves and the moisture of dirt.

There’s no feeling like being in my garden and experiencing the silent mystery of life’s processes taking place all around me.

A number of gardeners have told me that their garden gives them a wonderful feeling of satisfaction because of the beauty created… or a summer’s worth of chemical-free vegetables to feed the family.

And so many people have mentioned that they feel at peace in the garden — they forget the world and its cares for a few hours.

The short answer is:  I just love it!

And every time I send a plant around this beautiful country of ours, I send a bit of love.



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